Into Life's Shadow

In A Life's Shadows
Deep down in the shadows
I live a borrowed life
Deep in the hollow's depths
Shall this borrowed life be returned?
or should it be kept?
A life of such entangled mess
No one close for me to reach to
No hands there for me to touch
Life estranges itself in the deep darkness
Time seems to hold me still - in timelessness
Despaired, desperation in my prayers - I beg
Only echoes return from the heartbeats
Despaired, despondent, oh! how it hurts
I ask - why so much pain - of life, in itself
Only seeing tears streaming from heartache
Take me then, shadows, take what you must
take me to where my fate and yours meet
where love has only tears shed
and life's essence eventually fades
in time, as a candle burned out without regret.

Nhật Thụy Vi
Feb 2017

by Nhat Thuy Vi

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I am always impressed when poets are also translators. Translating a poem is a unique activity in the world of translation...the need to bring into another language culture, layered meanings, meters, messages, and images...this is an interesting poem about isolation and separation and the desire to connect at the same the knowledge that world can be a dangerous and sorrowful place. Thanks for sharing!