Into Plastic Surgery. Not Aluminum Siding

If you...
Like so many,
Who are observed monitoring their aging process...
Seek to recapture a youth rejuvenated.
With a glow that defies microscoped closeups.
Showing supple, flawless and crow feet free facial skin...
Here is a suggestion,
Forget it!

When a certain age has been reached...
Those crow feet may be prevented from dancing.
With steps etched that are directed by Father time.
It's Mother Nature who is not fooled.
And those legitimately embracing the noon of youth...
Are not fooled either.

The consulting plastic surgeon,
You have selected to choose...
Knows a few sessions of flattery should do it.

Promising to remove thirty years off of your appearance,
Should do the trick!

'Thirty years?
That's incredible.

Much WAY!
If you've got deep pockets...
I'll provide the way.
'Mos Def'.~

'To look 40 again,
Would be a God send.'

~I can have you feeling 39 for at least 3 years! ~

'Why 3?
What about those other years? '

~Those other years?
By the time you realize those 'golden years' have arrived...
Your foolishness should be,
By then...
Assisting you to have more serious conversations with God.~

What about my investment? '

~What about it?
I'm into plastic surgery.
Not aluminum siding! ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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