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Into The Breach
CM (05/05/1977 / Bangor, Northern Ireland)

Into The Breach

Poem By Clare McWilliams

Into the breach, dear friends,
Here I go.
No, I think not, not this time.
I will use the pain to write,
To fight, to crawl my way to a higher plane.
A hard heart is what I have aquired,
There will be a no entry sign there for a while.

I cannot run from this;
I must turn and face myself and learn.
Know why this happened.
Delve into the ugly business behind this failure
As I feel it is.

Learn, emerge bigger in heart
And stronger in soul.
He said I thought I was better than him.
Mmmmm..Did I?

I fear, my dear, I simply knew
I deserved more than you could give
Another fault he mentioned..
I expect too much.

I think not, I expected respect.
I was ill- and he did not understand.
I was well and he could not forget
The deeds of the unwell.

Depression surrounds me no longer,
I have seen its face and so am stronger.
Been where others cannot go,
And now, can spot those in the know.
To them I am drawn;
Tell them I see their fawn.
Explain that they can find the dawn..
Alone, singular, within...

A darkness surrounds the dawn
In which we can live.

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