(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Into The Caverns Of Darkness

With the advice of appointed sidekicks...
One man has singlehandedly insured
The word 'integrity' has become a joke,
When applied to folks who govern...
From such lofty positions!

Can you say...'Got none? '
And will never be located!
Not at these sub-basement levels.

It is rumored that this costly production
Is 'thisclose' from losing all interest,
From everyone
Because someone had a notion
This man has a thought to be shared
To determine the direction of 'down and deeper in dung? '
Light has already refused to shine on the minds
Where these folks are tripping over their steps.

He has no thought to think!
That is why we are now on the brink of no return!
There is some satisfaction that attracts to this action!
He reflects all of those who chose to follow him...
Into the caverns of darkness!
And they accept this.
Since they watch and cover,
Each other's backs!
Like rats on an expedition!

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