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Into The Darkness

I will not go willingly into the darkness, 

When death says it is my time to go, him I will fight;
They say that dying will be peaceful and harmless,
But, I heard he lies, so I will keep my feet firmly in the sunlight.

I will not leave here just because I am old,
I am not ready to go into that damp forever night;
Unto death my soul has yet been been bought or sold
I am not ready to head into that forever twilight.

Into the darkness I will fight my leaving with a rage
I will grit my teeth and I will fight it with all of my might,
It is not fair for me to leave just because of my age
I will not enter the darkness, and taken away from the warm light.

Sometimes I see the dark clouds around me, and they are forming
My world then becomes cold and black as the night,
I am drawn to those clouds as they begin storming;
But, I will not! Enter into the darkness and then say goodnight.

Randy L. McClave

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