Into The Deep Blue

Lying down on the
white, fluffy, cotton bed,
made out of water,
i look at endless
blue dome. The breeze
hesitantly stumbles forward
with silent affection.
All those cotton planes
lurch on the sky
without pilots- devotees
circling around the
Sun, who emerges from
the blankets of water
that assuage the land,
veiled by mists that
take a stroll in
the air. I
rest in the hands
of one of those
devotees who quietly
reveal me to one
of those rays,
where my breath
lies in a breath of
light bearing thousand
breaths. My house
may be small, with
no security, with fear
that it may break
into drops of water
that shower the earth,
Yet, i can still see that
it has a huge dome
that changes colours
with day and night.
I allow my eyes
to rest on the
blue, as my heart
bears the bright paintings
of shadows of
the sun and the moon,
on the soft bed,
like a proud wall,
that projects beautiful paintings...............

by nithya raghavan

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