A Voice Escapes

It's been centuries it seems since you found me here or at least it seems that way when my dreams are cut open and exposed for outside eyes.

You used to be the one who understood, the undying constant and voice on my shoulder cries.

I turned around and saw myself like an eye-witness with a story to hide,
the patterns of the failed attempts to love and lose somehow wove into a place of comfort.

My words don't rhyme in this solitude of now.
The echoes of eternity are crying and only my heart hears you.

Windows express the mood and let the light in when no one pays close attention.

What I'd give to dive in upside down the rivers of the current taking back lost ground.

I made a mistake. I made a mistake and won all the wars.

Freedom prisoner shackles hope the last invincible corruption of idols.

Destiny had an image and I recognize your form anywhere even without the candy of your voice ushering in winter.

Lakes of fire to reward the saints.

Plastic promises the surrender of it all.

Can I hitch a ride on your wings?

The year I became someone else a stranger.

I sold my poverty for the wealth of kings to ransom my redemption.

Everyone else left their stones in the circle and walked away.

You, my child, are the one I love the most.

by Broken Shell

Comments (4)

Of all of Ashbery's poems I've read so far, this is the most accessible. It gives us some nice images. It has a kind of snow ball fight with us in the end...infusing snow and ice into rivers all over the Earth and in places I don't think snow ever falls.
i disagree with all 3 comments you seem to have a condition, honestly; the guy's just about shakespearean in breadth and everything else! i loved this poem as i have all of his i've come across
This just shows how some people, if I may use that word, don't like geography, no matter how well presented.
That's no snow, Lamont. This site should be renamed 'PoemPunter'. What's next? How about Santa Claus chastised for being much too generous? GG