Into The Light

Into the Light

From the darkness I came,
Fleeing from you
Into the light;

The run has been
Hard, painful,
And tiring,
Running through darkness,
Step by step,
I feel the branches
Cut me,
Cut after cut,
Blood dropp after blood drop,
I begin to slow down,
My mind in turmoil,
With blurry vision,
I tell myself in vain
To keep fighting…

I feel him closing in,
He’s enjoying the game,
A lost battle,
Yet he enjoys the torture of it,
I can feel you beside me,
What are you waiting for
Angelus Nex?

Silence falls upon the world,
A thud echoes in the far,
The sound of my knees
Hitting the ground,
I look up,
A distant light…
Trickery of the mind?
Or reality perceived
By me eyes?
I feel the blood
Pouring out of my cuts,
He’s close…
With what feels like
A last breath,
I give off a thundering
Roar! !
I know you will hear
Me Angel,
I know you can,
You will come to my
You will, won’t you?

I awaken to familiar sounds,
The songs of the past,
My cuts taken care of,
My eyes bandaged up,
My body too weak to flee,
My mind shuts down,

I awaken again,
Same sounds,
Yet I panic not,
For I smell beauty,
I sense an angel’s touch
Glide across my chest,
Gently removing the bandages,
I ask her for sight,
She tells me have patience,

I came from the darkness,
To come into the light,
Am I finally there?
I lie in silence,
In fear to move,
For I sense nothing,

Suddenly it over powers me,
All five senses go insane,
I smell beauty,
I’m touching perfection,
I taste the fruits of love,
I hear sweet promises
Of eternal bonds,
Finally I ask thee
To grant me sight,
She unwraps my eyes,
I seen an Angel,
God’s most magnificent
Creation to walk
This forsaken earth,
The sun hits her from
All directions,
I feel like I’m in
Heaven looking at my
Long lost Angel of love,

Angelus Nex,
I outran you,
Cheated your evil ways,
Now I lie here
With my Angel,
My heart given away
For eternity,
My love dedicated to
Only one till
The end of time,
I came from the
Darkness to find
You Angel,
Now I lie beside you,
Indescribable beauty,
I came from the darkness
To give my heart away,
And I came into
The light to give my
Heart to you Angel.

by Dima Lazarev

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