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Into The Open Fields

As i gaze into the open
fields, near the highway,
i just wonder at the
sight of those lonely houses,
and the sky that sits
above the desert soil,
where only blades of
grass grow and which
have been inhabited by,
those 'selected' few, who
fail to find the answers
for leading a life,
where not even a single
individual walks past those houses.

I just think as
to whether it was,
because of destiny,
that they are made
to stay in a place,
where the howling breeze,
plays with the sand,
or probably it was,
because of the fact,
that they thought themselves,
to be alchemists, who
could transform their souls
into gold, which does
not lose its sheen,
even if ghosts of
loneliness, threaten it.
Maybe, they felt that
the city life, with its
insecure people just
gathering around was,
not what they wanted,
and they chose to communicate
silently, with the half-moon,
the sky and the air,
that lifts the wings
of seagulls and eagles,
Probably, they were those
insignificant saints, who
sacrificed their lives
like chrysanthamums that sacrifice,
fragrance into the open
air, over the open roads,
and played their roles,
assigned to them, like puppets,
while the strings are
held by the divine........

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