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Into The Past

I would like to go back into the past
When the world was unknown and also vast,
With mountains to climb and a wilderness to tame
That time would be for me a man, and not for a hopeless dame.
We all know a woman couldn't tame a frontier or climb a mountain
She would be too busy changing her clothes, or bathing in a fountain.

Wished I could have been a sailor who sailed the oceans and the seas
Just to navigate alone by the stars and sail by the mighty breeze,
I would like to be the first person to build or sail onto an ancient canal
But, that adventure would be for me a man, and not a helpless gal.
We all know that a woman cannot sail or steer a mighty ship
To take on the mantle of a sailor, no woman is prepared for that trip.

Maybe I could have been an explorer who discovered ancient lands
Or an archeologist who found precious relics buried in the sands,
I wished I could have been an adventurer traveling an old forgotten trail
But, that job would have been for a man, and not for a weak female.
A woman cannot stand the wind or the heat on any quest
She would rather be at home cleaning and cooking and above all else, rest.

In the past overall life for the woman it has never been fair
She has been made to cook or clean or dress pretty and comb her hair,
She has made our clothes and fed and raised us and also our babies
Only adventure we allowed her to have, was to milk the cows and pick wild daisies.
I would like to go back to the past, to feel strong and independent is my plan
The future now belongs to the woman, and the past it belongs to the man.

Randy L. McClave

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