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Into The Touch

As life makes its march by
I lose myself in a child's smile
at least for a little while
it all seems so clear now

I see my father
taking care of things every day
even as lines show on his face
the sign of a father's grace

I see my brother
where he is I wonder
haven't heard anything today
a big success, they say

I see my mother
staring at an empty field
watching her life go by

Her children grew up so fast
she catches a glimpse of the past
that was a long time ago
but how she remembers so

I see this child
a familiar look in her eyes
brings back a distant time
now I can see
her smile tells the story

It all comes together so right
I look out at this open field
watching our lives pass by
thinking of a different age
the seasons drift, a different page

Life continues to weave by
Why wonder why?
No one can change time
just live life and smile

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