Into The Town

In this town
I have only
In it doesn't
exist the doubt
and nervousness
Into this town
I have many
open relationships
In this imaginary
town I have
more freedom, dignity
and respect
In it I
can walk naked
Into it you
have sex everywhere
and with anyone
For a stranger
it's difficult to
enter into the
Into the town
I feel desired
and sensual
Into it you
celebrate many rites
and worship many
It is surrounded
by richness and
Its defenses aren't
intercepted and passed
In it doesn't
exist suspects or
I'm not embarrassed
to live in
it and have
no clear opinions
Into it I
wait for my
glory scene
Into it you
can choose and
change whenever you
Into it I
can realize my
strange desires
Into it you
feel complete and

by Laura arwen

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