IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Into The Unknown

We are condemned at birth to die.
This the fate of everyman
and no amount of wealth can buy
an added hour to your span

Though some die young by accident.
And others reach a ripe old age.
By well established precedent,
each one of us must leave the stage.

For everyone the curtain falls
when we have performed our part
There is no time for curtain calls
our time is up and we depart.

What happens next a mystery.
Which man has yet to penetrate.
Death is the only certainty.
A fact we must accept as true.

Some people see death as the end
and that we simply cease to be.
Yet others think that we ascend
towards the light triumphantly.

The churches promise paradise.
A reward for the faithful few.
But I believe a man who’s wise
will be prepared to listen to.

The many different points of view
which priest of all the creeds express.
Each one convinced his words are true.
As for myself I must confess.

I do not think we’re meant to know.
I can accept that easily.
We have to wait until we go
to solve the final mystery.

Though some of you may disagree
and see me as a stubborn fool.
In truth you know no more than me.
but parrot what you learnt at school.


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