FW (14/12/1962 / Harlow)

Into You So Deep

Show me how your essence glows

And let me trace it's precious flow

To the source so I can follow

To that place of love, passion, pain and sorrow

That place of emotions so sensual

That place that causes arousal

So that I can stir and linger on them

And make a spiritual connection

That will make our minds and bodies ache

That will take you to a near hysterical state

Of overwhelming sensuality

And deep defining spirituality

As your body becomes sensitive to the touch

And screams out wildly for more love

I taste your lips of deep red wine

Caress the body so sublime

That I find it resonating in rhythm so divine

As we connect and explode in perfect time

I feel as if I am losing my mind

As I fall so deeply into you

And understand this is the truth

That there is nothing that I don't love

And crave about you.

by Fauxcroft Wade

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Very nice romantic love poem.