Into You

I'm into how you think,
I'm into your attitude,
I'm into how you kiss me,
as we share our gratitude.

I'm into how you look at life,
I just love your fortitude,
you're always so considerate,
you seldom break the mood.

I like to spend my time with you,
I like our situation,
I see you 'cause I want to,
and with complete anticipation.

I like to hold you in my arms,
it's such a great sensation,
when I'm with you, I can't feel blue,
you must know my adoration.

I'm into pleasing you,
to bring you satisfaction,
I like to smooch you unaware,
I'm into your reaction.

I'm into how well we get along,
our mutual attraction,
I'm into how you live your life,
with no ones' benefaction.

I'm into giving you the love,
that I'm sure is overdue,
I like to share my thoughts with you,
and to hear your point of view,

I'm into how we spend our time,
it always feels new,
I like so many things we do,
YES! , I guess I'm into you.

by Barry Van Allen

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Great poem Barry...archives...great stuff! Hugs, Dee