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Into Your Light
DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Into Your Light

What chains shackle hope to the joys of another,
  But inure my soul to the state I there find?
What tear driven dreams bear the faith of no other?
  Such shattered thoughts wrestle my bewildered mind.

These feelings fortell what they cannot yet prove,
Though their rhythms and rules long governed my soul,
That the chink in faith's armour should soon be removed
By a logic and reason more worn than the whole.

In putting forth that which I apprehend
  As LOVE - in this moment of my conceit,
Though the body of knowledge may thus portend
  A conclusion which predicates life's defeat;
The fires of reason blaze scornfully bright:

So tempered, I wander out into your light...

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Comments (3)

It is not iambic pentameter. I did not want to even call this a sonnet. In fact... I didn't :) It basically has 4 stressed beats per line, but beats may span syllables. There is a name for this somewhere.. but I forget the name, and I can't find the reference right now.
David, you have the rhyme pattern but not the metre for a sonnet. Your poem has depth but I'm confused by your form. Raynette
This is some good stuff! I'm jealous...LOL! Thanks and congratulations! LSP