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As I lay sprawled over a tomb,
The cold seeping through me from the grave,
The moon and star glittering above me,
The icy wind dancing through my hair.

I hear the sound of footsteps, and look up,
Parting the rolling mist as it moves,
A shadowy figure coming ever closer,
Looking for something in the darkness.

The unnamed shadow emerges from the gloom,
The shield of darkness is removed.
I recognise the familiar face,
It is the face from my nightmares,
And the face of my loving dreams.

It is you.

I don’t know whether to run screaming,
or to embrace you in my arms.
You are the one, who causes me the most pain,
And yet you bring happiness into my world.

I am torn apart inside.

You are the last thing I think of before I sleep,
and the first thing in my mind when I wake.
You are what I’m living for.
You are what I’m dying for.

Your gentle hand brushes away my black tears,
As you sit next to me on our tomb.
You stare at me in my blood red gown,
I dared to look up into your eyes…

I am intoxicated.

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