Intoxicated Twigs

Raised on slim chances,
And taught to feast on increased poverty
To survive in pretense and fear!
These children of tomorrow
Have fought too long inherited struggles!
Battles that have them hip-hopping themselves
To solutions mindlessly aimed
To gain and maintain quick pleasures!
As 'their' fruits dropp spoiled...
With soiled dispositions rotting,
Before full bloom!
Disrespecting a process...
That should consume them!
Not entomb with despair!
Buried in bravado and forgotten.
'RIP'ped...from their stunted dreams!

We must make room...
And clear that 'space' from devastation.
Pasted intentionally to hide realities,
We allowed and manifested.
Handed to them and watched...
As they fed!

Blaming seeds we planted...
For their disappointing growth performance,
And lack to self nurture!
Dooming them...
With a self righteous command to curse,
Their steps!

Where were we...
When these intoxicated twigs
Began to fall from steady branches?
These foundations aren't created in mid air!
They began somewhere...
To build and aspire!
But were they ever grounded,
In roots understood and defined?
That is what we have no time to digest!
Even though it begins to congest and decay!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Lawrence, that is superb. I am glad to have chanced on this today. It is great to know that someone still writes with meaning. Thank you. Powerful. Powerful indeed.
Superb! Wonderful analogies. Sincere message. Love, Fran xxx
very appropriate social commentary, Lawrence. I enjoy the style and think it reinforces the subject well. fine work. -Tailor