Intoxicating The Night - Am I Real To You?

There was lost a child unfound
Seated there and sitting
Sinking in the ground

Rise. As Pan in crimson anguish rise
Fulfil the prophecy of your eyes
Oedipus blind now
Blind now walking
Talking senseless rhythms
Intoxicating the night
Who shall lay by his daughter’s side?
Where now shall he hide?

Drink with me ambrosia,
Nectre fallen from the breast of Aphrodite
Slither with me
Shed your skin
Let me in
Allow yourself the time to heal
Feel me
Am I real to you?

The court is gathered – arcane fires stirring

Into the glass house tumble
Fumbling - stumbling –
Stuttering – muttering madness
Crying tears of sadness
Filling your cup too heavy to bear
Tomorrow we journey upon trail lines set
The track in blur forgetting.

The prince of thieves has returned to rid the land of shame
Who would claim to know his name?

One was one of two
Two where two of three
The one that was not two
Became the third in me


All a sunder, lightning, thunder
From island paradise I have returned
More clear of mind and soul
More whole than ever before
And aware of the doors that await
Aware of the shadows that cast imagination adrift
Through breaking clouds we move in madness
Stretching calamity into a frenzy of motions
There below lay an ocean crystalline white and shining

Over shifting skins and rolling dunes,
Have I returned once more to strolling patchwork farms?
From eye of an eagle I am spectator to the spectacle
A dancer within the snaking of the river
The hamlets of hermits saddened by the century at hand,
The clock has moved in circles more than they can know.
Count the winters, tattoo the patterns of the snow.

I breathe within the fire.

by David Lacey

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