Long gone is the innocence.
Born precocious.
And exhibiting at an early.
Are the children.
No one today can defend.
What is available and left observed.
A decadence that continues without end.

Severity of the issues.
Keep many awake.
Without sleep some nights.

Impoverish remain those hungry.
While veterans of wars,
Go homeless on streets.
Wishing for shelter.
And at least a sandwich to eat.
Understanding they do.
Their views of selfishness and greed.
While listening to comparisons made,
Between the 'haves' and 'have nots'.
None of which fought wars.
To protect their freedoms with them saved.

Endorsed disparities.
And unfair tactics used.
Remains to stay intact.
To remind those less fortunate,
Of who faces fewer obstacles to move.
And success to guarantee.
Whether or not,
They can right or read.

"That's WRITE! "

-I KNOW it is.
What's your problem? -

And everyday on TV.
Or quicker to get using the internet.
Self anointed dignitaries.
And political leaders.
Discuss, debate and some address,
Who among their elected colleagues.
Secretly hide despicable lives.
Hidden from their constituents.
And spouses they have cheated on.
Using alibis.
And the best creative told lies.

Treated with intrigue.
And ongoing visits from the FBI.
People have begun to realize,
Their wants and needs to have identified...
Nowhere appears on a list,
To have them prioritized.
Fed to get an overdose of intrigue.
On a daily basis to accept.
As disgusting and immoral deeds,
No more to disbelieve.
But more to expect.
While intrigue to feed upon,
Receives unlimited time.
And a respect to get.
That entertains and appeases.
To satisfy their mind.
With it hoped they will forget,
Their tax dollars pay wasted away...
On those who they elect,
Neglecting to disrespect them.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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