Intrigue Yourself With Something Metaphoric

My mistakes are mended into a weightless burden

My pride is like a cold heart of stone

The rain in my head are tears in my eyes

The thoughts in my mind are the words in my mouth

My blood is poison to my veins

Your every catastrophic silent scourage saturates the ice on my heart

My every intention is nalied in my FACE

My every imperfection should be like NAILS in my hands

Love should be like RATS eating my heart

Every kiss I've been given is as passionate as a butterfly with no wings

Inside I'm so COLD

Outside I'm nothing but a little child with a silent schizophrenic conscience

NEVER AGAIN! ! ! I'll never change myself into a helpless loser for love, but I'm willing to place my coins in the slot machine and try my luck

The security I have is only four walls built in the cobwebs from my mind

DEATH... I've contemplated suicide, but it's NOT the answer to free myself from all THIS pain

My friends are the light for me to see a little HOPE in a world that doesn't care

But my friends can turn against me with unmerciful ANGER

And the light ate the end of the tunnel is only the moment of purity descended into DEATH...

by Mikel Calcagno

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inevitable death... I liked 'My every intention is nalied in my FACE' (nailed into my face?) and 'The rain in my head are tears in my eyes' great expressions, like a slow decline.. ~kelly