A Recitative Song! (For Julius Winston Garvey)

1. I am a little soldier, fighting hard for life,
I came upon the scene of cruel human strife,
My father taught me to be always good and true,
And in the battle ever try to be a blue.

2. I've met so many hard and awful blows, you know,
But friends, I heard that 'we shall reap just what we sow,'
So I shall e'er a Negro man of courage be,
And work with other noble men who'll toil with me.

3. 1 promise to engage in what is good and right,
And for the cause of race to make a manly fight;
The world shall be my cautious battle stage,
For I shall follow wisely footprints of old age.

4. The endless fight of men for right against the wrong,
Shall steel my youthful courage on and make me strong;
But I shall need God's help all seasons of the year,
To safely fight for you with heart that's void of fear.

5. The Negro's cause is now beset with many darts,
But we can win if we have true and loyal hearts;
Young though I be, I'll stand and march with you,
If you will serve and hold the line, like men-true blue.

by Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Comments (4)

This is a beautiful poem. It delivers the message of peace and love with out imposing it. Loved it. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much for your recent comment on my poem.
Wonderful line to end this beautiful poem..............Beauty, To the place of love; Beautiful! With the acts of your works; Sending out a story to the people.
A story from outside, Intriguing! With the problems of life; Amazingly and very finely presented this wise work. Nice.10
This poem sends out messages like little spurts from a fountain. Little lines contain complete thoughts: Try to defend the truth and live in peace. This is no easy feat. Or, when love delivers both pain and pleasure - fighting each other with sticks and stones. Good analogy. This poem does not easily surrender its meaning, but it was well worth the effort thinking about it.