Intro_(Se) _Duction

Step back and let this thought come through.
Weed yourself from baggage.
And free yourself of issues.
Give chase with haste that bitter taste to grieve.
You don't need it anymore.
And storing it to later unpack...
Has left you with an emptiness.
Leaving you acquainted but not accustomed,
To familiarize yourself...
With your own happiness.

An intro_(se) _duction free of disgust.
Erased is the plucking of the nerves with the fuss.
Your distrusting of these times,
Can now be ousted outside to collect as dust!
Clear every corner of that from your heart.
Start trusting in yourself.
And let that build up of crust...
Surrounding with doubts,
Be chipped into pieces...
And be swept away as you shout, 'Be gone! '

An introduction comes to seduce you...
With a peace of mind you wish prolonged,
To ride and be freed of self pity to release!
'Be gone! '
Mean it.
Say it!
And let it be known.
An intro_(se) _duction free of disgust comes.
Welcome it gladly and let this be shown...
You are happy to have it with you.
Since it is recognized for what it is.
And it has finally found a home!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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