Introducing Doubt To Weaken

Remove I've done,
From a confinement to undo.
And to choose to escape,
From perceptions...
Has taught me to erase.

Remove I've done,
The faking of false faces.
Kept to do,
In fear that I would offend someone...
And masquerading in pretense,
Would find my presence more accepted.

Remove I've done,
Notions of impressions to give.
And to strip myself to expose my identity,
Has meant more to more...
Than the approval of someone lessened,
By a harboring of their own hidden insecurities.

Removed from me I have done,
Those kinds of deliberating limitations.
Introducing doubt to weaken,
My desire to live my life...
Free of anyone's ability,
To qualify the passing of their judgements.

That action,
Is not invited or solicited in defining my life...
Lived the way it has been intended.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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