Morning Blue Sky

Morning blue sky
Looking upon a pale blue sky
A plane cuts across my sight
That sharp white line climbs
Into a journey to begin the day
Off into a wandering fantasy
A stirring of birds fill the view
Like a thousand thoughts
All the world slowly waking
Still not a cloud to be seen
Last nights sleep rubbed from eyes
While watching the plane disappear
The fading white trail ebbs away
A journey somewhere beginning
Or perhaps another’s ending
The fantasy of a journey
Looking into a morning blue sky
Stirs the waking mind

by Matthew Holloway

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Thanks for poem Iove it
fxck this is shxt lol
A great poem, thank you Billy for sharing
How can I contribute a poem here? Thanks!
I love this poem for your humour, you see the funny side of people trying their damndest to find more in a poet than, maybe, was ever intended.
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