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Introduction To Thabang Ramafhi
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Introduction To Thabang Ramafhi

Poem By thabang ramafhi

to do what i do takes guts
some may say is just lust
especially studs and adults
you may fill your mouth with insults
to me is just a bunch of junks
i don't make lot of bucks
driving through bumps
and having few jumps
as i drive trucks

my life is what im trying to construct
as i wake up for treasure hunt
as all i do is art
paint, sketch and write
pretend to laugh and cry
as i act and dance
i never got this by chance
at my pictures they glance

walking tall as i model
i hear them behind closets quarrel
as they say being half naked is immoral
all i wanted was to be an idol
they said im trying to charm my brothel
as i preach the true gospel
as they see my piercing they stare for a while
just doing my job i become hostile
and give them a warm smile
as im the lily of the Nile
apologizing and sulking it up
is not part of my job describtion

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