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Inwardly I seek myself, but who is it I am looking for?
Countless doors line this hallway, but is any path the right one?
The band is playing to my left; the carousel horses escaped their tethers,
The lights dimmed for this, the carnival of souls, the exposition of what?
What am I? Who am I? Can anyone explain this, even myself?
The ocean bleeds over the causeway, the salty foam obstructing my path
My possibilities dwindle with the onslaught flood,
The fires of Sodom and Gomorrah extinguished
What is sin? My Eden an apple rotten at the core,
The sun spoiled fruit bitter churned,
The desert of brine rising up to swallow Leviathan Sea
The multitudes of one, gone from the doorway to the last gate
The chrysalis rests here in, myself at last found
But why was I here? Why needed I myself to find?

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