Introspection For Progress Is A Must!

No progress is possible sans the introspective investigation of self;
Introspection is like adoctor's diagnosis to know the cause of illness
To prescribe proper medicine to improve health condition for the better!

Introspection is internal analysis of the good and bad of a person;
Retrospection is the external progress or failure of a person in life;
Introspection now and then helps one to weed out flaw and grow rich crop!

Introspection of self is the way to assess both progress and failure
To know the exact status quo of a person, where lies flaw in character,
What's one real talent to uplift one to Stardom in world lifeand all!

Despite hard work one may not progress in life not knowing where lies
One's best talent, if introspective investigation is not carried out;
Even after many years, talent has been discovered and success achieved!

Not knowing one's real Self, many rush after wealth by dissatisfying works;
Real satisfaction and joy lies in the discovery of reality by introspection!

by Ramesh T A

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