TC (1969 / Oklahoma / United States)

Amor Et Fides

Amor et fides
Love and faith
Foster of great influence
Draftswoman of intellectuals

Incubator of success
With eloquent fluent world controllers
Standing with them
With white sticky piece

You made us study well
Bookworms of the century
Statesmen of sports and
Initiators of ability

Making magnificently, impressive of zilch
Cinder and splendor emanates from within you
You are known best for beauty’s giant
And you are the unsurpassed

Thou four stockade of nagram
Trembles thou in love and faith
Thy love cuddled majority into triumph
And thy faith reserved us in accelerating motion

Our Chi brought you to us
In the fifty-eight of the nineteens
To brush us up in education and morale
Yet, live we name in football, paper and character

You shaped a footballer in the sky
An engineer also thou made that soar high
Citadel of integrity, edifice of truthfullness


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