Battle Of The Vocabs

I wish I could understand what some people write.
The best way to learn is to try as I might.

Egotistically perching at your vade mecum,
Fabricating versifications of spurious ardency.
Indoctrinating the ragazza italiana with aspirational reverie.
Succumbing to seclusion when she permeates betwixt the lineations

What the hell did I just say?
I rest my case...

by Adam McKim

Comments (9)

Good poem.....can i hav some more poem related to inventions or inventors
The moon inspires the poet in him. Wonderfully expressed!
Oh, if only writing good poetry were this easy! ! ! BUT IT'S NOT! ! ! ! ! When are we going to see through the thinly veiled disguise of this fraud? ? ? He's not a poet! Not by a long shot. He just puts together some simple pleasant thoughts into verse lines- that's all. We get something very like this in a Hallmark card! ! ! And the language! So pleasant, so SWEET! ! ! AWWWWWWWW! ! ! ! ! ! ! I feel tears coming on. Makes me want to puke.
Nice representation of the various shapes or positions of the moon in a deliberate way.I like it
The poem presents a wonderful landscape of night sky with studded with moon and stars in attendance. It also reflects a philosophy of life. Thanks for sharing the poem, Billy Collins. and I will have a few nights / to myself / a little time to rest my jittery pen.
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