The Fear Of Love

Your love flowed gently over me,
Like a wave caressing the shore,
Touching me... then covering me...
Leaving me begging for more

Your love, a magical potion,
Cleansing the wounds in my heart,
An elixir straight from heaven
That invited the healing to start

Your love, the fire I always dreamed
Would warm my winter night,
My sun... appearing in the rain,
To my darkness, bringing the light

Your love, a melody divine,
Love's symphony played anew,
My heart arranged each tender note....
The song that I heard was you

Your love, a perfectly sculpted rose
An angel laid at my feet,
Dare I press it to my heart....
Will the perfume still be sweet?

Your love... I wonder, will it endure....
How long can a dream survive?
Why do doubt and fear interpose...
Waiting for despair to arrive?

Your love, a wreath that heaven wove
And placed upon my head,
Yet, I'm gripped by fear this chain of love
Is no more than a slender thread

by Lora Colon

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Good poem.....can i hav some more poem related to inventions or inventors
The moon inspires the poet in him. Wonderfully expressed!
Oh, if only writing good poetry were this easy! ! ! BUT IT'S NOT! ! ! ! ! When are we going to see through the thinly veiled disguise of this fraud? ? ? He's not a poet! Not by a long shot. He just puts together some simple pleasant thoughts into verse lines- that's all. We get something very like this in a Hallmark card! ! ! And the language! So pleasant, so SWEET! ! ! AWWWWWWWW! ! ! ! ! ! ! I feel tears coming on. Makes me want to puke.
Nice representation of the various shapes or positions of the moon in a deliberate way.I like it
The poem presents a wonderful landscape of night sky with studded with moon and stars in attendance. It also reflects a philosophy of life. Thanks for sharing the poem, Billy Collins. and I will have a few nights / to myself / a little time to rest my jittery pen.
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