God’s At Work

Be still, be quiet and you shall see, the hand of The God of Eternity.
Just be still and know He is God, shepherding all with staff and rod.
He’s at work throughout your life; He’s the comfort in pain and strife.
And when a problem won’t relent, God is there with encouragement.
He’s at work in the darkest night; for God is for you that guiding light.

He guides you with a loving nod, protecting you on this earthly sod.
God’s at work in all of His own, as He guides us to an eternal home.
Even if you do not see God’s hand, simply be still then understand,
God doesn’t move like you or me, He moves throughout all eternity.
Starting before the beginning friend, and His presence will not end.

He doesn’t work on earthly time; God’s timely measures are Divine.
God’s been working in lives of men, since that pair was condemned.
God has been working to rectify, the problem created by Satan’s lie.
Friend it isn’t that God is slow, He’s just patient so that all can know,
The problem by Satan was rectified, on the cross, when Jesus died.

Now He’s at work in believers friend, helping others to comprehend,
The saving Truth of Jesus Christ, so that they can gain Eternal Life.
With a new life in Christ you’ll see, how He’s at work in you and me.
Let Christ Jesus in your heart, and a new work in you God will start.
God’s work will be done in ways, to fill your heart with eternal praise.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (9)

Good poem.....can i hav some more poem related to inventions or inventors
The moon inspires the poet in him. Wonderfully expressed!
Oh, if only writing good poetry were this easy! ! ! BUT IT'S NOT! ! ! ! ! When are we going to see through the thinly veiled disguise of this fraud? ? ? He's not a poet! Not by a long shot. He just puts together some simple pleasant thoughts into verse lines- that's all. We get something very like this in a Hallmark card! ! ! And the language! So pleasant, so SWEET! ! ! AWWWWWWWW! ! ! ! ! ! ! I feel tears coming on. Makes me want to puke.
Nice representation of the various shapes or positions of the moon in a deliberate way.I like it
The poem presents a wonderful landscape of night sky with studded with moon and stars in attendance. It also reflects a philosophy of life. Thanks for sharing the poem, Billy Collins. and I will have a few nights / to myself / a little time to rest my jittery pen.
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