And if it snowed and snow covered the drive
he took a spade and tossed it to one side.
And always tucked his daughter up at night
And slippered her the one time that she lied.
And every week he tipped up half his wage.
And what he didn't spend each week he saved.
And praised his wife for every meal she made.
And once, for laughing, punched her in the face.

And for his mum he hired a private nurse.
And every Sunday taxied her to church.
And he blubbed when she went from bad to worse.
And twice he lifted ten quid from her purse.

Here's how they rated him when they looked back:
sometimes he did this, sometimes he did that.

by Simon Armitage

Comments (6)

a brilliant descriptive poem of a wild place at the end of lone road in beautiful Scotland? long live the weeds! ............superbly written.
I loved the sound of these words- - unfortunately I do not know the meaning of just about every other word. This is not the author's fault- -it is the fault of time and space. But I want to research this because I truly believe it might be a masterpiece since its words act on me so powerfully and I feel the rhythm beneath the lines and it just CALLS to me. I have a feeling that Hopkins is a great writer and I need to further my education.
hopkins is a favorite poet of mine, mainly for his two great sonnets God's Grandeur and Pied Beauty. this poem proves for me the point that no one writes/creates masterpieces every time. -gk
The last two lines have always impressed me. Such a memorable poem. 4/5
Darksome burn! ! Thanks for sharing.
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