Investment The Heart Accepts

When people are taught to assess others,
Like property and other things that lose value...
And judged on the basis not of trust...
But how folks look,
Who makes the approval...
And who they know with comparable,
Rusting points of views as such!

Like a search one makes for clothes to buy,
Or a pair of new shoes...
To wear until they have lost the reason,
Why they were purchased and used!

People like this,
Make themselves insignificant!
Like 'hand me downs'
Some throw and toss around.
And when people like this,
Are discovered and found...
It makes better sense,
To use your time on truer friends,
And a better way to exist!
Until one uncovers a wiser choice to make.
To upgrade when seeking something genuine.
Something lasting that will test...
A wise investment the heart accepts.

People like this...
Make being in their presence
One of joy,
Purpose and happiness!
With a mental rest deserved...
And a peace of mind one gets and serves!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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