iF i WaS iNvIsIbLe
I CoUlD jUsT wAtCh YoU iN yOuR rOoM
iF i wAs iNvIsIbLe
I CoUlD jUs mAkE yOu mInE tOnItE
iF hEaRtS wErE uNbReAkAbLe
I cOuLd JuSt tElL yOu WhErE i StAnD
iF i WaS iNvIsIvLe�
((wAiT, i AlReAdY aM))

by helena dombrowski

Comments (2)

That's actually kinda true, i mean i can't see you right now. but I'll be watching you... For new poems!
hahahaha..... i like the end....kewl! ! ! *****9******