Invisible Me

Am I just invisible to you all?
Even when I constantly fall?
Do any of you see all my pains locked inside of me,
That I’m thinking of constantly?
It’s like you just see right through me
Even when I talk
You keep going in your walk
You won’t listen to what I have to say
Cause you don’t care anyway

Am I just invisible to you all?
Can’t you see me at all?
I have nothing but sadness in my head
But people would rather be without me instead
And I’d rather be dead
I want to be without all of you
Cause right now you have no clue,
Have no clue of what I’m thinking
Don’t care how fast I’m sinking

Am I so invisible to everyone?
That I’m the only one?
The only one that knows I’m there?
The only one that thinks it’s unfair?
These thoughts, I can not bear
I want someone to notice me
I want someone to help me
But all by myself, here I am today
All by myself, I will be everyday

(Depression leaves you only looking at the bad and that’s all you ever see.)

by Rachel Blank

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Rachel blank you really nailed this one I love it