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Invisible Then, Invisible Now
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Invisible Then, Invisible Now

Poem By Not Long Left

tear drops fall with each direction,
each tear tells a tale,
each day we play with words,
to analyse our actions.

time reminds us to live,
love blinds, feeds, and fades,
amused by our mistakes,
amused by our fatal fashion.

but we breath
and we live,
invisible then, invisible now.

you stole our innocence,
and replaced it with an excuse,
but from existence, comes experience,
we know how to live but prefer to be used.

keep your ideas in your brown paper bag,
whats been said, i've heard before,
lifes for living,
i say it chore,
invisible then,
invisible now.

written 1998

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in the end the very end the task always the same to flourish before death's withering glance looks our way a strong poem