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Invisible Visitor
BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)

Invisible Visitor

Poem By Bindu Borle

With the pen in my hand
And the thinking cap on my head
I wonder, what is reality?
The light kept flickering
Suddenly, it came into the room
Through the window bars, swiftly and softly,
Disturbing the calmness around

Making way itself through the things lying around
Whizzing past the furniture
Whispering from the curtains
Then no noise except for silence
It came stood beside my table
Touched my face and introduced itself
Touching and retouching
Leaving no traces, no clues

It bid adieu
And as a valedictory gift
I saw my questions answered and a message given
Scattered sheets of paper were bare no more
The invisible visitor left its mark
And thus began my day.

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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Comments (3)

Who could be that invisible visitor? Bindu is keeping everyone in suspense in this nice poem.
Dark and well written!
I enjoyed this one very much Bindu. Very lovely. (a little creepy) I liked it. Sincerely, Mary