(September 15 / Vallejo)

Invisible Wings

It's that wonderful force that carries.
It's strong and elegant but impossible to see.
Even when I'm scared or falling,
I feel safe knowing they're behind me.
I could jump, I could climb, I could be thrown in the air,
But I'd never make it as high if my wings weren't there.
I'd never made much sence of it,
Why they never let me down.
But if they could answer me in the simplest of words,
It would be that they hate to see me frown.
Even with the glorious sky,
Always by my side.
It's hard to smile, really knowing,
I could never help someone else stand up and fly.

by Kye Kurion

Comments (1)

I like this poem a lot......very meaningful. And it gives the reader a sense of calm.....like the kind of calmness afterthe storm, knowing things will be okay again......thats hw this poem made me feel.....thank you for sharing.