Conflict Resolution

Conflicts, Conflicts, Conflicts
Squabbles, struggles, quarrels
Misunderstandings, disagreements
Sounds familiar?
Ever been there?
Need a solution?
The answer:
Conflict resolution.
The major goal of conflict resolution –
Living in peace and harmony.
What do you do when you’re teased?
When you’re picked on?
When others attempt to embarrass you because you are different?
Do you get mad?
Do you choose to be sad?
Do you get on bad?
Well, the next time you find yourself in a struggle
In a squabble, in a conflict
Take three deep breaths and remain calm -
Real calm
Then stand up, speak up and speak out to settle your arguments.
Say what you think
What you want
And how you feel in the situation.
Discuss what you want to change,
What you want to improve.
Then let the other person
Tell what she thinks, what she wants and how she feels.
What she wants to change
And what she wants to improve.
Then together decide on possible solutions
To put an end to the problematic situations.
Choose the best solution that suits you both
Then thereafter you may experience the peace and harmony that is your birthright
In the home, at school, in the classroom, on the play field, on the streets.

by Clephane Roberts

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Simply awesome write dipped in outstanding moral courage. Hats off.
Well-written tribute to the courage of those who find deeper lives each in their own way
Lives saved to grind away until it's dark.. iip
How not to hold high and above the best alternative to the worst thing that can happen? Invocation is an appreciative effort by the poetess, for a clan warranting love, sympathy and care. Thanks for sharing.
Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing.
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