A Family Poem

I do not feel I have contributed
Sometimes I feel nothing
I often just break down and cry
Not of consequence anyway
To family

I struggle you all know with
My Bi Polar and Depression diagnosis
A major shock but I dealt with it
And still do

I enjoy my isolation because I cannot hurt anyone
You would all have seen or felt
My ability to melt down

I hope you remember my love and generosity more

I see my own symptoms in certain siblings
It makes me love them more
For I know the struggles they have
And the future that will test

Yes the past haunts me
The future haunts me more
Just trying to fit in somewhere
Since I lost my favourite girl

I claim no accolades I have few real friends
Sometimes I just want to break down
But I play the tough part
I am the Humphrey Bogart of Depression
I will always look good in a movie

Its not real life, but it's my movie

I can cope with that

Copyright Paolo 2017-10-30

by Paul Buttigieg

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