The Garden of Eden is in Iraq,
But today we've destroyed that land with bombs!
And life is like an arrow which follows the narrow path.
Go to Iraq and look for the four Riverheads,
Of Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates;
There you will gain wisdom to enhance your status.

A River went out of the Garden of Eden,
And it parted and became Four Riverheads;
But the fruit of Eden was pleasant to the eye-sight and,
Desirable for food like what the serpent gave to Eve.
A deep sleep fell unto man and,
Out of him came woman;
So go to Iraq today to see things for yourselves.

She lived luxuriously and had no sorrow,
But the morrow came and she has to borrow;
Like the works of man and the things we do learn from,
With an arrow to follow our footpaths always.
Go to Iraq today and learn from what you see,
It was the same land where the Garden of Eden was positioned;
The Creator made it very beautiful for us but,
We've destroyed the land!

by Edward Kofi Louis

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