Iraq Today

bulldog faced
bulldozed, face
flattened, dried
and creased
to a patch,
an aching patch
large as iraq

tears flow
swift as justice
a noose to
stamp a
not to return
to terror
floods with blood

distraught land
that echoes
as much as
screams and
cries with the
road to balance
hearts dammed
like the Tigris

heaven only
knows the secrets
of enemies and friends
in a fractious land

the mighty river
tarries out to sea
without a care
looters, bulliers, saviours,
enemies, or invaders

i recall hamurabi
and and his honeyed sumeria
where justice were
chiselled hard as stones

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (3)

This is great poetry, very spare, each word selected carefully, just enough to say exactly what you want with no excess. Loved reading this. L&T
This is truly your best, John. Each word has depth. Each image gives the reader a glimpse into a troubled place, a terror-filled country, and your last stanza shows what beauty there once was...and hopefully might be again. Raynette
today iraq write a true... My kiss of your hands...