Iraq War Syllogism - 11


Mission accomplished
With a sock in your flight suit
So they think you are a real man
And not the draft dodging scion of an old money family

Mission accomplished
We got in while the getting was good
The world is safe for robber baron capitalism once again

One only has to do a little research to make a contrast between he who made a sacrifice of military service and he who did everything to get out of it
Used family connections to get out of it
Who blinked mischievously upon enrollment in the National Guard
But then didn't even show up for that

Mission accomplished
You've got a beachhead in this more hostile part of the world
A beachhead for military goals, a beachhead for economic goals
You are the thieves
Not the quiet sneak in the window type
But the kick the door down home invasion type

by Raj Dronamraju

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