Iraq War Syllogism - 12


Stagemanage a heroine
Block the rescue scene, make sure everyone has the correct expression on their face
Find the right square jawed GI Joe's
Double check that there are blank rounds in their weapons

We need a hero for a diminished conflict
Where the scale and the reciprocity, the equality of forces, are in no way comparable
What better than a female? The face of opportunity in the armed services

It serves a dual purpose - patriotism and recruitment
So they make her rescue into an action packed mission
Lurid details of torture and rape
She broke a few bones in the siege of Nasinyah
If they want me to be a symbol, so be it

There was no fight, only a crash
I fought unconsciousness, unconsciousness won
In West Virginia, they'll have a parade
While the makers of propaganda films sell their war

by Raj Dronamraju

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