Iraq War Syllogism - 2


Wars are always accompanied by lies
Arm in arm, wars date for the grand ball of murder is deception
So this time we have a whopper, a story to scare people who don't travel much
And don't know much about the world

I'll give you a weapon of mass destruction
It will come out of the ocean of its own accord
Up from the depths, a ripple becomes a wave in the mouth of the harbour
Towering over this port city, he appears
Such a b movie giant rubber monster name for this
As if to create automatic revulsion and people screaming, running out of the cities

We automatically assume the worst of anything outside our border
Someplace we don't know anything about
We bomb and define and define and bomb and still people are no wiser
They are snug in a blanket of state woven lies

And you lied everywhere and often
And you even dirtied the record of a respected reader by having him lie for you to the rest of the world
Of course, one must assume at some level he knew what he was doing
Looking through his partially shielding fingers like a sheltered single Victorian catching her first glimpse of hardcore pornography

Another connection of belligerent falsehood
Establishing a threat to our country where no threat really exists
Establishing the existence of weapons, the ability to threaten us
And none if it ever proven true
None of it will ever be proven true

by Raj Dronamraju

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