Iraq War Syllogism - 20


Stop saying they hate our freedom
Do people hate air for being more breathable somewhere else?
Do people hate water that is cleaner in another part of the world?

That's a silly talking point
So meaningless it extinguishes all further debate under a foamy chemical blanket
Wherein there is no history
And no presence of the USA outside its borders

Our freedom comes in the form of military bases
Unwanted intrusions into ancient cultures by McDonalds, Pepsi, Starbucks
Military invasions for those countries that don't toe the line

And when resistance to this surfaces, we define this resistance as evil
Sometimes it is, other times it is not
Sometimes it is the result of less than 1% of a country's wealth in the hands of those who are friends with America
Sometimes it is the result of America supporting dictators who do America's bidding but deny any sort of freedom for their own citizens
"He's a bastard but he's our bastard"

The sound of swollen syntax
Deploying in the service of forcing out individual thought
Its inflation like driver side airbags shields us from a collision with the truth

by Raj Dronamraju

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