Iraq War Syllogism - 22


Taking cover in Fallujah
The markets are not safe
Laser guided bombs with lasers only as precise as those guiding them
Sloppy warfare produces a shrug from uncaring conquerors

The battle for Fallujah
Blow up all the bridges
And if Iraqis demonstrate about US forces commandeering a school, shoot the demonstrators

For Fallujah must be pacified
And the conquered must be pacified
And this arrogance crushes cities
The pacified are left with describing a massacre to those who don't really care

The uncaring focused on Fallujah, the laboratory of conflict
Where most homes were destroyed and the residents must wear photo ID's

Fallujah, the laboratory of weaponry
A war is a good excuse to try out new ways of killing
White phosphorus for Fallujah in spring
Increased deaths by cancer for Iraq in autumn

by Raj Dronamraju

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