Iraq War Syllogism - 23


Daily life is eggs and milk picked up at the store
Nothing on your mind but eggs and milk
No need to keep one eye open for suicide bombers or drive-by gunmen

Daily life is newspaper delivery and drinking coffee with friends in cafes
Daily life is comfortable chosen routine
Not to be disturbed or threatened by war

Daily life is described as being "a world away" from cruelty
From torture and gulags and the whims of a dictator
Daily life is not experiencing random violence on a typical day

On a typical day, daily life as it is described is family centered
Work centered and making a living centered
That's enough pressure to make existence uncertain

Existence uncertain while they topple order
Order uncertain while they create a new order
The new order uncertain while they battle an insurrection
And I thought torture was not part of this new Iraqi order?

by Raj Dronamraju

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