Iraq War Syllogism - 25


Do you support our troops?
The ones that didn't go to college, the ones that couldn't get into college, the ones that couldn't afford to go to college
The ones that saw no other way to escape dead end jobs in rural places and dead end jobs in urban spaces
The ones that were patriotic and/or wanted adventure, the ones that that thought they were signing up for one weekend a month with the National Guard

The troops that are all there by choice
If you sign up for the military to fund an education or a life, at the back of your mind should always be the possibility that there might be a war
And for those looking at the military for an escape there are worse things than your one horse town, your violent inner city neighborhood, your dull parochial existence, your dysfunctional, unhealthy families

Until you hear the sound of a bomb and the pop of bullets
Press a button on a console and watch the scene light up
Well, these are the front line, the empathy you have to dig deep to feel

I have never wanted to serve in the military
To fight the wars of the last 60 or 70 years, increasingly smaller, increasingly elephant vs.ant
Increasingly unjustified
Increasingly fought by those unable to find a suitable alternative or opportunity

by Raj Dronamraju

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