Iraq War Syllogism - 26


Fingers pointing everywhere
Emanating from Abu Ghraib
Point at the people who did it
They didn't have enough supervision, they are products of an immoral over sexualized society, they are hayseeds thrust into a life they weren't prepared for
Point at the person in charge
Who denies knowledge and says she never entered the torture rooms
Point at the media
During a war, it is wrong to report the truth; must only report that which makes the military look good
Point at technology
Everybody has digital cameras; uploading a photo is too easy

But no fingers pointed at the policies that seek to explain torture
Aberration is their word of the day
Their whole torture based focus is an aberration
An aberration of the focus group images we have been sold - picnic and summer and flags and Caucasians

Ha ha ha, dogs pit against human flesh is just like a fraternity hazing
We'll collect the photographs and trade them among one another
We won't think much of the rape of prisoners - shit happens!
When the citizens of a society are removed from its actions, they lose their moral bearings

Gandhi was right about western civilization being a very good idea
Someone should point out that force does not make a culture better
Just roots the rot deeper at the base of empire

by Raj Dronamraju

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