Iraq War Syllogism - 3


A syllogism has two premises (one major and one minor) and a conclusion

The two premises support the conclusion

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction
The invasion of Iraq was carried out under false pretenses
Therefore the invasion of Iraq is wrong

No one takes the time to apply logic to their lives
Insist on speaking with disqualifiers and hedging as if afraid of having an opinion
Seem to think they will be taxed on speech and every one of their words is going to be
Measured and analyzed later
The audience is scared, the audience is vain

They'll lose themselves in communal expressions of "we want to fight"
Pump themselves up like they were in a stadium rooting for the right colors
They don't want nuance, definitely don't want thinking

They'll have barbecues and tailgate parties
Tie ribbons around yellow trees and brand anyone who brings up a logical complaint as a traitor
There is no need for a backstory and trying to relate one makes you the enemy in their eyes

by Raj Dronamraju

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